Welcome to the Electronic Version of
A Guide to Irish Fiction 1650 - 1900.

This resource, created by An Foras Feasa, provides an online searchable version of A Guide to Irish Fiction 1650 - 1900, produced in print form by Rolf and Magda Loeber, with Anne Mullin Burnham, and published by Four Courts Press in 2006. The purpose of this version is to enhance the searchability, accessibility and research potential of this unique resource.

Bibliographical information for over 5,800 titles, and the work of over 1,700 authors, is now available for you to search and explore. The various components of the Guide's entries (such as name, date, publisher, place of publication and edition) can now be investigated and manipulated to suit individual research queries. The project makes available both quick search and advanced search options; see 'about the project' for more information about these functions and the creation of this electronic resource.

Funding for this project was awarded by the Irish Research Council Senior Research Fellowship Projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Project Team Members are:

  • Professor Margaret Kelleher,
    Principal Investigator
  • Ms Aja Teehan,
    Digital Humanities Specialist
  • Dr Catherine Smith,
    Post-Doctoral Researcher
  • Mr Éamonn Kearns, Research Associate:
    Research Associate: Software Developer

This resource is made available as a public free-to-access research tool; it opens to students, researchers and readers the rich research potential of the Guide and aims to stimulate future projects in early Irish fiction and cultural history.